Mr. Puente
Mr. Puente from Stell MS

Simon L. Nash-Puente - Ed Tech Teacher, TST

Teaching Assignment

Canvas Course: Technology Applications-6th Grade

Canvas Course: Principles of Applied Engineering- 7th Grade

Canvas Course: Robotics- 8th Grade






Extracurricular Activities:



Robotics Club


Conference / Planning:

1st Period, 7:455AM- 8:30AM, Room 24


Phone Number:


547-4442 (Classroom)

956.466-1570 (Personal)


Email & Contact info:

Available on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN

Mr. Puente's school website


Teaching Philosophy


All children can learn. Every student needs someone to believe in him/her. Our goal as educators is to make sure that we facilitate their success, mold students into critical-thinking, social agents of change.


Teaching Experience


31 years


Formal Education


B. S., UT-B                  1993

M. Ed., UT-B                2002

Currently Ed. D. student in Ed Tech @ UT-RGV, since 2019


Hobbies / Interests


Play bass guitar with a local variety band

Compose new heavy metal and rock songs

Play with emerging technologies (AR/VR now)

Enjoy watching movies & concerts and traveling with my family


Personal Info


Married to Yadira Puente
(Counselor at Hudson Elementary);

We have two sons: Seth 18 and Ian 15

Business Owner




Practice Makes Progress. 

Work Smart.

Never Surrender.

We Are All An Essential Component Of A Community of Learners.

Six Weeks or End of Course Exams


2nd & 7th Periods- Principles of Applied Engineering Classes,

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6th, 8th & 9th Periods- Technology Applications Classes,

Click HERE

3rd & 4th Periods- Robotics Classes,

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